New Lone Ranger Trailer Rides In

'Hi-yo, Silver! In a tree!'

New Lone Ranger Trailer Rides In

by Phil de Semlyen |
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Next summer’s grandstanding Jerry Bruckheimer release,** The Lone Ranger**, has a new trailer which you can watch below. The movie reunites Johnny Depp with old Pirates Of The Caribbean director Gore Verbinski, and throws Armie Hammer into the mix as ‘50s telly cowboy icon John Reid. The big bad is out there but yet to be established in any detail. It's not the horse. That's Silver. In a tree.


So what to expect? Well, judging by this trailer, it’ll offer the usual Bruckheimer blend of comic beats, magical McGuffins and hurtling objects. In this case, said object looks like the 13.47 to Tombstone, stopping at Rockridge, Flagstaff and Tonto's face and offering full buffet service.

After establishing the two characters’ introduction – ex-Texas Ranger Reid has survived a shootout by the skin of his teeth and Tonto has tried to bury him – the action comes thick and fast. As horse operas go, this one looks like it’ll be at least 90 per cent fat lady singing.

It’s a nicely judged promo. As Reid’s spiritual sidekick Tonto, Depp plays the comedy with the assurance of a man who’s been doing this for years – which, truth be told, he has – and the action beats looks as spectacular as you’d expect from a Bruckbuster. The sands of time will tell.

The Lone Ranger is out in the UK on August viewers can catch it from Independence Day eve, July 3.

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