New Lock-Out Trailer Online

Guy Pearce explodes into space (prison)

New Lock-Out Trailer Online

by James White |
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Back in August 2010, when word broke of Maggie Grace jumping aboard Luc Besson’s new high concept thriller **Lock-Out (or MS One: Maximum Security as it is in France), we thought the set up sounded like a blend of** Escape From New York** and Fortress. From the looks of this trailer, we were bang on, with just a dash of Die Hard added in for good measure. Check it out below, but beware of some NSFW language.

Grace plays the president’s daughter, who gets stranded when a supposedly invulnerable maximum-security prison floating in space is suddenly taken over by its psycho inmates. So who could rescue her? Well, since Liam Neeson clearly wasn’t available, Guy Pearce is called in to do the job. He’s a snark-fuelled type who has been falsely accused of espionage against the US. Promised a pardon in return for his actions, he’s dispatched off to the prison on a rescue mission. And that’s when the shooting starts.

Pearce looks to be having a blast here, ditching serious roles for some good old-fashioned wise-crackery that makes us think this one will walk the line between vats marked clag and classic, possibly getting splashed with a little of both.

With Lennie James, Peter Stomare and Vincent Regan also among the cast and James Mather and Stephen St Leger on directing duties, **Lock-Out **(or whatever it ends up being called) is scheduled to hit our screens on April 13.

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