New Line Making The Black Path

Newcomer Henry Jones scripting

by Willow Green |
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We'll be honest with you, it's a slow news day. This story really isn't that interesting and you might be better off just going somewhere else on the site right now or maybe getting outside to enjoy the fresh air. Go make a daisy chain, ride a horse or just frolick through a corn field letting the joy of existence blow through your hair. Still here...OK, your choice, here goes:

New Line has acquired the rights to The Black Path, about a man who takes a trip to Ecuador when researching a magazine article and discovers a lost Incan treasure, which causes murderous rebellion in his search party as they all stake their claim on the booty. Now, we've written a large number of magazine articles and that almost never happens – 12% of the time, tops – but the story is based on the 'true' story of the Incan treasure Atuhalpa, which has never been found, but is believed to be cursed. How do they know it's cursed if they've never found it? We don't know, we're not archaeologists, we just wear this Indiana Jones hat because it's jaunty and gives us an air of danger. The script is being written by newcomer Henry Jones, which is actually Indiana Jones's real name, so that's kind of awesome, if not a little suspicious.

Anyway, enough about that. What's new with you?

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