New I Am Legend Trailer

UPDATE: Now In high quality

New I Am Legend Trailer

by Olly Richards |
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We've really liked I Am Legend's 'less is more' approach to publicity, which has opted not to show any monsters or much else apart from Will Smith, some buildings and lots and lots of empty New York. But it had to end sooner or later or people would think this was some kind of Lars Von Trier blockbuster with other characters merely imagined. A new trailer here gives a lot more of a sense of scale and bluster.

Warners are still holding back enough for the actual movie. Maybe it's just the trailer's grainy quality, but there's apparently still no close look at the vampires/infected/whathaveyou. Which we consider a good thing, because these things are never as frightening when you see them full on. There's more explanation of Smith trying to find a cure for the bitey virus that's left him alone in the world and failing, giving the film some context for those who haven't read the book.

This looks like great fun and we love the dark tone, but we will say that it seems to have very few similarities to Richard Matheson's novel, which singularly lacked giant explosions and – as far as we remember – zombie dog things. There's probably a much smaller movie of the book (maybe by Guillermo Del Toro, Darren Aronofsky or David Fincher) to be made one day, with no action but lots and lots of tension. But that probably wouldn't star Will Smith, which would be a shame.

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