New Last Knights Trailer Stars Clive Owen And Morgan Freeman

'Only time will tell how we are remembered'

New Last Knights Trailer Stars Clive Owen And Morgan Freeman

by Phil de Semlyen |
Published on

We've had First Knight, now prepare for Last Knights, an altogether more doom-laden, Game Of Thrones-like affair in which Clive Owen gets early-medieval in the name of vengeance and there’s minimal jousting. The film has a new trailer and poster to share below.

A mash-up of European epics and Japanese samurai adventure (overseen by a veteran of the latter), Last Knights introduces Owen as Raiden, member of a warrior caste in service to a worthy nobleman played by Morgan Freeman. All’s well in this unnamed if wintry land until Headhunters’ Aksel Hennie appears as the emperor’s emissary and skulls start getting seriously dugged.

Hennie is the big bad here, boasting a snarly visage, terrible villain hair and a sinister henchmen in Tsuyoshi Ihara (Letters From Iwo Jima). Behind you can say “get busy living or get busy dying”, Morgan has got busy dying and Owen’s knight is on the path for vengeance. Japanese director Kazuaki Kiriya is behind this one and you can catch it in cinemas and on demand from April 17.

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