New Images From The Revenant

Leo and co. tough it out


by James White |
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The conditions have been harsh, crew members have revolted and the tension has been palpable, but the imagery coming from Birdman director Alejandro G. Iñárritu's latest, The Revenant, is certainly striking. Check out images featuring Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Hardy, Grace Dove Syme and more both above and below.

Adapted by Mark L. Smith from Michael Punke’s novel, The Revenant follows an ill-fated fur trapping expedition to chilly 1820s South Dakota. Hunter Hugh Glass (DiCaprio) is mauled by a bear in the harsh climate, and his companions leave him for dead. To add insult to injury, several men (Hardy, Will Poulter and Domhnall Gleeson) are assigned to bury what everyone assumes is his dead body. But the greedy scavengers decide to rob him and leave him helpless instead. Glass recovers, and swears bloody revenge...


Keeping things as real as possible, Iñárritu and his cinematographer Emmanuel “Chivo” Lubezki have been shooting in natural light as much as they can. “And this takes place before the kerosene lantern was invented,” production designer Jack Fisk tells Yahoo. “We’d be scrambling at the end of the day to film the last few hours of daylight.” That’s not all – in a push for realism, DiCaprio ate real raw bison’s liver, something that his character uses to survive. “He had to eat the liver,” says Fisk. “I think he threw up afterward... he was so into it. It made me really appreciate the extent to which he’ll go to make things right.”

The Revenant will be out in the UK on January 15. You can see the teaser trailer right here.

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