New Green Lantern Banners Online

Green Lantern Corps assemble

New Green Lantern Banners Online

by Phil de Semlyen |
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**Green Lantern **is back to brighten your day (or blackest night, depending on your time zone). Courtesy of Yahoo! Movies and Facebook come a few new posters to give a dose of superheroic shenanigans.

Mark Strong's Sinestro we've had a glimpse at, but here's fellow Lantern Kilowog (Michael Clarke Duncan) set against the backdrop of intergalactic metropolis Oa. The pair, along with Tomar-Re, mentor test pilot Hal Jordan (Ryan Reynolds) to become a responsible bearer of the ring bequeathed him by a dying alien on Earth.

While these posters rumours that the studio has extended the movie's budgets to finish post-production in time for its June release. Variety reports that as much as $9m has been added to the bottom line, a sum believed to have gone to augmenting the visual effects. But as the paper points out, overtime for SFXers and nails bitten to the quick are pretty much par for the course for summer tentpoles these days. Post-production routinely runs right up until the release date, so Green Lantern** fans shouldn't have cause for alarm.


With Michael Mann's long-time collaborator Dante Spinotti as DoP and Martin 'Casino Royale' Campbell behind the camera, we can't imagine it's going to look anything but sparkling. Find out for yourself when it's released on June 17.

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