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New Green Inferno Trailer Stalks Online

by James White |
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Given that Eli Roth made his name with outdoor horror Cabin Fever and the two pain-cation Hostel films, the abiding lesson from his career so far seems to be that people shouldn’t ever travel. It’s a thesis he develops further in his latest, The Green Inferno.

Inspired by the likes of Cannibal Holocaust, Inferno finds a group of do-gooding Americans heading into the jungles of Peru. They’re fired up by the idea of protecting the rainforest and the natives who live within. A noble sentiment, but one that proves to be their undoing when their small plane crashes deep within the foliage and they’re discovered by a tribe that has never seen outsiders before.

The natives prepare a warm welcome for the new arrivals, in that they start fires for cooking pots and conjure up all manner of terrible tortures for our travellers, some of whom try to escape. Clearly Roth and his collaborators think they’re on to something with this concept: Beyond The Green Inferno, which will feature Aftershock director (and** Green Inferno** producer) Nicolas Lopez taking over shot-calling duties, is in development. The first film, meanwhile, lands in the US on September 5. There’s no sign of a UK date yet.

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