The New Godzilla Trailer Has Stomped Online

'It's going to send us back to the Stone Age!'

The New Godzilla Trailer Has Stomped Online

by Helen O'Hara |
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Get ready for a sense of building dread in the latest Godzilla trailer. This generous snippet sees Bryan Cranston as a man on the verge as he pleads with person or persons unknown to address the scale of the threat that mankind faces. And if the One Who Knocks is worried, the rest of us should really be running for our lives. Check it out below.

There's a better look here than previously at characters including Cranston's physicist Joe Brody; his son Ford (Aaron Taylor-Johnson), Ford's wife (Elizabeth Olsen) and son (Carson Bolde); and scientist Ken Watanabe. You'll also get a brief glimpse of Juliette Binoche as Cranston's wife, and while we don't see her face, we're pretty sure there's some voiceover from Sally Hawkins' scientist.

This trailer also reveals a little more about the locations we expect to be monster-plagued in Gareth Edwards' film, including Hawaii (specifically Oahu), San Francisco (the much-trashed Golden Gate Bridge gets it in the neck again) and Las Vegas (that Statue of Liberty is part of the New York New York casino, so we hope that averts any flashbacks to the 1998 film).

There's a nice nod to the original Toho film in Watanabe's line that "In 1954, we awakened something", since that's the year that the original Godzilla was released. And there's more of that creepy, unnerving choral music that distinguished the teaser, so colour us thoroughly wigged out and watching the sky nervously.

Godzilla hits screens on May 16, and is all over the new issue of Empire, which hits newsagents on Thursday. Check out our subscribers cover here (and hear Godzilla roar) and look out for more from that in the next few days.

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