New Doctor Who Trailer Materialises

Here we go again...

New Doctor Who Trailer Materialises

by James White |
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In the wake of script leaks and now a rough cut of the first episode of the new series finding its way online, the Beeb has had a lot to worry about with regards to Doctor Who. Still, those who have managed to avoid spoilers got a treat of their own today as the new official trailer for Peter Capaldi’s run on the show arrived online.

Clearly looking to deliver the requisite thrills, spills, monsters and madness, the new episodes boasts the return of old enemies the Daleks (and from the sound of it, creator Davros), dinosaurs rampaging through London, weird alien heads, robot creatures and the Paternoster gang – Madame Vastra, Jenny Flint and Strax – back to help this newly regenerated Doc on his adventures. Then there’s poor Clara (Jenna Coleman), confronted with a new man in place of the Doctor she knew, albeit one who is exactly the same person with a fresh body. It’s probably going to cause a complex we'll call Regeneration Whiplash.

Also on tap? Darkness, apparently, with the Doctor saying he’s headed into it. Makes you wonder if there’s enough room given that the Starship Enterprise headed there last year. Still, if anyone knows about playing with dimensions to cram in extra value…

The Doctor returns on August 23. It’s about time. In more ways than one.

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