New Apocalypto Trailer

Full-length promo for Mel's latest

New Apocalypto Trailer

by empire |
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Admit it: when you saw the link to footage of Mel Gibson’s Apocalypto, part of your brain expected to find shaky, Cops-style clips of the man himself during his recent outburst and arrest.

Sorry to dampen the spirits of the gossip hounds, but this is actually the big theatrical trailer for Gibson’s latest. Chronicling the chaotic end times of the Mayan civilization, Apocalypto follows a man forced from the land he loves by brutal invaders. He’s sent on a journey of terror before a twist of fate leads him to make an attempt to get home.

Apocalypto arrives in January, but you can view the trailer now at Apple at this link. If it doesn’t work, blame the Malibu Sheriff’s Department. We hear they’re all Martians. Or something.

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