New Angry Birds Movie poster unleashes a piggypocalypse


by Phil de Semlyen |
Published on

Most of us have at one time or other flung a feathery critter at a pig - often in a game, occasionally in real life. Rovio's colossally-successsful app Angry Birds will imagine how that bird/pig rivalry came into being in an animated world populated with plenty of both. Here are the key figures in the summer’s other civil war movie, The Angry Birds Movie, laid out handily in a new poster.

Angry birds

Jason Sudeikis is the furious protagonist Red, an angry featherbrain in an island paradise who just can't seem to catch a break and is always fuming about it. There’s also speedster Chuck (Josh Gad), anger management therapist Matilda (Maya Rudolph), and the self-explanatory Bomb (Danny McBride).

But then, joining the jamboree as visitors from over the horizon, come a bunch of nautical pigs. The birds, needless to say, just don’t dig on swine. Things get war-some from there, especially when the pigs turn out not to have come entirely in peace, and a wise old bird is sought out, Peter Dinklage's Yoda-like Mighty Eagle, to help lead the fight back.

The Angry Birds Movie is due out here on May 13. Yes, Sean Penn is in it.

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