New 12 Strong Trailer Finds Chris Hemsworth In Battle

Horse Soldiers

by James White |
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Drawing from true events can be tricky, but 12 Strong certainly has a compelling tale of heroism, hardship and horses, plus another handy H in Hemsworth. Chris, that is, and he's leading men into battle for the new trailer.

Formerly known as Horse Soldiers (the movie's subtitle is The Declassified True Story Of The Horse Soldiers), 12 Strong tells the true story of a small band of American soldiers in Afghanistan joining forces with local Afghan troops to fight the Taliban on horseback, navigating the unforgiving terrain with World War I-era tactics.

The hoo-ra, fighting for freedom and justice and family and such feels like a familiar theme, but hopefully the team involved has found a way to elevate the story above that. Real events or no, there's a risk to a movie like this.

Hemsworth is joined in the cast by Michael Peña, Michael Shannon and Trevante Rhodes. Nicolai Fuglsig is directing. 12 Strong arrives in cinemas on 26 January.

Chris Hemsworth Goes To War In The 12 Strong Trailer

Chris Hemsworth Goes Horse Riding In Our Exclusive 12 Strong Image

Chris Hemsworth and Michael Shannon join Horse Soldiers

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