Mr. Big Is Back Back Back

Chris Noth Joins Sex And The City 2

Mr. Big Is Back Back Back

by Chris Hewitt |
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Given that Carrie Bradshaw is nothing without her Mr. Big, it’s no surprise to learn that Chris Noth has joined the cast of Sex And The City 2, the sequel to last year’s surprise smash (the name of which escapes us for the moment...).

The last time we saw Big and Sarah Jessica Parker’s Carrie, the pair were finally getting hitched after years of will-they-won’t-they-will-they-they-won’t-you-know-oh-no-wait-he’s-back-again-won’t-they-oh-Christ-get-a-move-on-we-won’t-live-forever antics. So it’s not entirely clear how Michael Patrick King’s sequel will advance the story. Obviously, we can’t wait until we find out.

Incredibly, the deal to bring Noth back to the Sex And The City fold is in the region of seven figures. That might seem a tad over-the-top, but then, you could argue that Sex And The City wouldn’t be the same without Noth, and after all, given that the first movie grossed $412 million worldwide, it’s hard to begrudge anyone in the cast a payday.

And Noth won’t be alone in bringing a little testosterone to the set. David Eisenberg, who plays Steve, the husband of Cynthia Nixon’s Miranda, and Evan Handler, who plays Harry, the husband of Kristin Davis’ Charlotte (and dear God help us, we knew all that info off by heart), have also returned to join the cast. We don’t know for sure, but we’d be surprised if their deals were in the seven-figure region. After all, they may be big, but they’re not Big…

Filming on the New Line/Warner Bros. sequel will start in September, with a release date set for May 28, 2010.

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