Monsters Vs. Aliens… In 3-D!

Coolest title ever gets a release date

by Willow Green |
Published on

DreamWorks have announced that they're getting right behind the new digital 3-D technology (called Real-D – it's the one that James Cameron has a hand in, so you know it's going to be good) that's just starting to be seen around the world at the moment. Apparently Jeffrey Katzenberg has announced that as of 2009, the Studio will release all of its movies in 3-D, starting with the awesomely titled Monsters Vs Aliens.

Now, this is according to Variety, but even with their solid reputation for reporting film news, we're not sure if there hasn't been a wire crossed here somewhere. Surely it'd be more likely that DreamWorks are planning to do all of their animated slate in 3-D, for that's what Katzenberg goes on to talk about in the press release. "We haven't really been enthusiastic about turning 2-D films in to 3-D during post-production," said the boss. "It doesn't begin to touch the quality of product that is originated in 3-D."

And that's exactly what they're going to do, starting now, and hitting screens in two years' time. Of course, they won't be the first, animated or otherwise. Chicken Little, Monster House and Meet The Robinsons have all dabbled in the new technology, while in the live action arena, Journey 3-D, another version of Beowulf and Cameron's own Avatar are all on the way.

But DreamWorks aren't in any hurry, given that right now there's only about 500 screen in the US, and a few more scattered about the globe that have the projectors capable of working the magic. By the time Monsters Vs Aliens is ready (and you can guarantee by the time of Avatar) there'll be loads more of the machines in theatres, if they're not already the standard. Just in case, though, Katzenberg has made sure that 2-D versions of the print will also be struck.

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