Monday’s News Round-Up (January 22)

Spidey! Seagal! Sharon Stone Sucks!

Monday's News Round-Up (January 22)

by Willow Green |
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Spidey may be back for a fourth time is reporting that David Koepp, the man whose script finally launched Indiana Jones IV into full production, has been hired to write Spider-Man 4. “What?”, we hear you say, “But we though Spider-Man 3 was the end of the series”. Apparently you’d be wrong. Sony is apparently so pleased with the rough cut of the third instalment that they’ve already set to work on the fourth. It should be noted that neither Sam Raimi or any of the original cast is contracted for a fourth film.

2007 Razzie nominations announced

Now that it’s become convinced of its own importance and takes potshots at ridiculously easy targets, we’ve tired of the Golden Raspberries. Nevertheless, the nominations for the anti-Oscars have just been announced. No surprise to see that Basic Instinct 2, a film two steps from granny porn, and Little Man, a reason for Mr and Mrs Wayans to regret ever having progressed beyond handholding, topped the bill. The full nominations are here.

Under Siege 3 Coming?

Who doesn’t love Under Siege 1 and 2? Put your hands DOWN, cos it seems that Under Siege 3 might actually be happening. Oh joy unconfined! Erica Eleniak, who played the love interest/supplier of contractual nudery in the first film has said on her official site that she’s read a script for the third and it’s not half bad. We could recount her comments here, but then you’d miss her brilliant website, which looks like an explosion in a Page 3 factory. Enjoy it here.

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