Monday News Round-Up (February 19)

Fat Boy, Bad Boys, Indy and Eastwood

Monday News Round-Up (February 19)

by Willow Green |
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Run Fat Boy Run: The Teaser

It seems that Simon Pegg’s quest to completely take over the world – and Empire Online – has reached a new stage. Not content with Hot Fuzz dominating the box office and the homepage, today sees the launch of the YouTube trailer for his next film, from debutant director David Schwimmer, Run Fat Boy, Run. Heavy on the pratfalls and short shorts, this doesn’t tell us much about the film – but who cares? Did we mention the pratfalls – and Dylan Moran’s in it too! Check it out here{=nofollow}.

Bad Boys 3: Bad Boy With A Vengeance?

And in yet more Fuzz related news, action director par excellence, Michael Bay, has said that he is not averse to a second sequel to the immortal **Bad Boys, **which of course inspired the Fuzz boys. Apparently Will Smith’s “people” contacted Bay (funny – we would have guessed that Lawrence would be the one chasing a sequel), about which the **Transformers **director said, “They’re fun to work with, those guys” and said that that he’d be willing to return to the franchise. We’re guessing that this time he’d have to blow up a good section of the Milky Way to top the explosive second film, but we’re sure he’d think of something. Is it a good idea though? The second film’s firmly in so-crazy-it-just-about-works territory – could then do that again?

LaBeouf Signed On For Indy IV?

There’s a very strong internet rumour currently doing the rounds that Shia LaBeouf, about to appear in **A Guide to Recognising Your Saints **and Transformers (linking it cleverly to the last story – see? We don’t just throw this stuff together. Well, we do, but sometimes it works) and recently seen in the likes of Bobby and Constantine, will be appearing in Indiana Jones IV. There’s no confirmation on the nature of his role yet, but those who guess that he’ll be Indy’s son and / or comic relief would probably be on safe ground. Spielberg apparently saw LaBeouf’s recent indie Disturbia and wants the young actor on board – watch this space for confirmation / rebuttal.

Eastwood Joins The Dirty Doz… Sorry, Legion d’Honneur

Clint Eastwood has been awarded France’s highest civilian award, the Legion d’Honneur, in recognition of his sterling career. President Chirac, making the award, said that Eastwood embodies “the best of Hollywood” and has “immense talent as an actor” and “genius as a director”. Which has got to make up for the fact that he’s generally seen as an outsider in this year’s Best Director Oscar nominations, and then some.

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