Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Has Tom Cruise Fighting On Top Of A Moving Train: ‘If We’d Known The Challenges, We’d Never Have Done It’ – Exclusive Image

Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One

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With each successive Mission: Impossible movie, the action stakes somehow get higher and higher – with Tom Cruise throwing himself into some of the wildest stunts in modern cinema. He climbed the Burj Khalifa in Ghost Protocol. He clung to the side of a plane as it took off in Rogue Nation. He jumped out of a plane over 100 times for Fallout. And in this summer’s Dead Reckoning Part One, he’s once again going all-out. You’ve probably seen him jump a motorbike off a cliff (and then jump off the motorbike in mid-air) in the early trailers – but that’s not the only terrifying transport-based thrill in the film.

One epic set-piece, shot near York, finds Cruise’s Ethan Hunt brawling with Esai Morales’ villain… on top of a speeding steam train. Which – given that this is Mission: Impossible, and Tom Cruise, and director Christopher McQuarrie – meant the actual Cruise (safely) fighting the actual Morales on top of an actual train. “We’re making a movie that involves sequence that they just don’t shoot practically anymore, and haven’t in a long, long time,” McQuarrie tells Empire on set in 2021, while marshaling the locomotive action. “The sequence that we’re shooting right now is no exception. And like most things on Mission: Impossible, if we had known what the challenges were when we started, we would never have done it.”

Given that Dead Reckoning Part One will also include a breakneck car chase in a yellow Fiat 500, a Rebecca Ferguson-centric sword fight, a sweeping desert shootout, and – yes – Cruise riding a motorbike off a cliff, the seventh entry in the series won’t be lacking for adrenaline-pumping action. And as hard as that is to capture, even that’s not the difficult bit. “There’s a whole class of action movies centred around awe,” McQuarrie points out. “For me, awe is a condiment, not a course. I have an actor who will drive a motorcycle off a cliff. Now the hard part is, I gotta make the audience care about that.” That’s the thing about impossible missions, though – they always, eventually, succeed.

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