A Milli Vanilli Biopic?

More interesting than it sounds...

by Willow Green |
Published on

An you thought it was going to finish with James Brown and Rick James – but no, those soul legends, Milli Vanilli, are getting their story told on the big screen. Admittedly, our first response to this was "Ye Gods," but it turns out that there's a much more interesting story than even the little that we already knew went on behind the scenes of the lip-synching popsters.

Jeff Nathanson (most familiar for creating the screenplay for Catch Me If You Can) has secured the rights and co-operation to write and direct the goings-on behind the scandal that led to the boys duo handing back their Grammy, and one of them (Rob Pilatus) slipping into depression, crime and drugs and a sad death, all just prior to a reunion album on which they would have finally been able to use their own voices.

There's no word on casting yet – Nathanson hasn't even begun penning the script. He'll get to that after he's completed his duties on Rush Hour 3, also his screenplay.

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