Milla Jovovich To Keep Coming Back

William H. Macy's directorial debut

Milla Jovovich To Keep Coming Back

by Chris Hewitt |
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For the most part, Milla Jovovich's movie career has consisted of her saving the world from a variety of nefarious threats, be they zombies, alien entities, or whatever the hell it was she was fighting in Ultraviolet (that movie erased our brains).

But now and again she likes to remind us that she's got acting chops, too, and that'll certainly be the case with Keep Coming Back, a comedy which will see her play an alcoholic ex-stripper.

The movie, which also marks the directorial debut of the great William H. Macy (what took him so long?), revolves around a young man who joins AA under false pretences just so he can get close to the girl of his dreams (Jovovich).

The young man hasn't been cast yet, but Macy and Steve Buscemi will play supporting roles. Jovovich has proved herself adept at comedy in the past, if you cast your mind back to her demented and uglied-up cameo in Zoolander, but this will be her first real chance to get her teeth into some funnybones.

The movie, which was written by Will Adis, will shoot in Georgia (not sure if that's the American state or the country – given current political events, we're guessing it's the former) early next year.

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