Mike Flanagan’s Midnight Mass Trailer Brings Madness And Miracles to A Remote Island In Netflix Horror

Midnight Mass

by Ben Travis |
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If there’s been a name in horror to watch in recent years, it’s Mike Flanagan – the director behind must-see movies like Oculus, Gerald’s Game and Doctor Sleep, and the man behind Netflix’s smash-hit series The Haunting Of Hill House and last year’s Bly Manor. His original stories are just as impressive as his top-tier adaptations of Stephen King novels and classic ghost tales, which makes his brand new Netflix show Midnight Mass very exciting indeed – a seven-part horror series, with all episodes helmed by Flanagan himself (as with Hill House). Check out the trailer here:

The series is set on the remote Crockett Island, where young man Riley (Friday Night Lights star Zach Gilford) returns after years away from the community. But his arrival, along with that of new priest Father Paul (Hamish Linklater), coincides with miracles that send the Crockett Island community into a religious fervour, and threaten to tip over into something more sinister. As ever with Flanagan’s work, there seems to be major character drama underpinning the supernatural elements here – emotionally-anchored horror around grief and family is a Flanagan staple – and it looks like it’ll pack plenty of traditional frights in there too. Plus, you’ll spot some of his regular collaborators like Kate Siegel, Henry Thomas, and Bly Manor breakout Rahul Kohli.

Best of all? There’s barely any wait for this one to drop – all episodes will arrive on 24 September, in plenty of time for a pre-Halloween binge. Bring on the holy horrors.

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