The Matrix Resurrections Poster Unveils Neo And Trinity’s New Crew

The Matrix Resurrections – poster crop

by Ben Travis |
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Sorry, Santa, but you’ve got some really stiff competition coming this Christmas. No matter what you bring us under the tree this year (how about that massive new LEGO Star Wars AT-AT set?), little can live up to the promise of this festive season’s biggest movie releases – Spider-Man: No Way Home, followed swiftly by The Matrix Resurrections. The much-anticipated sci-fi fourquel brings Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss back to the legendary cyberpunk saga in a new film from Lana Wachowski (here directing without Lilly for the first time), with a plot that remains tightly under wraps for now. If the jam-packed trailer showed plenty of exciting glimpses while giving nothing away, there’s now a crisp, clean new poster for the film too, giving us our best look yet at the new and returning characters.

The Matrix Resurrections – poster

Excuse us while we breathe into a paper bag for a minute – and pinch ourselves while we process that a fourth Matrix film is actually real. As well as Keanu back in full Neo mode, and Carrie-Anne Moss looking cool as ever as Trinity, this poster offers another enticing glimpse at Yahya Abdul-Mateen II’s new Morpheus, and Jessica Yu Li Henwick’s mysterious character (reportedly named Bugs). And who’s that mystery figure lurking in the background, with the typically Matrix-y cyberpunk hair-do? Note, as well, that neat tagline: ‘Return to the Source’. As well as being a nice nod to the whole reboot / sequel idea, there’s a neat reference to the previous sequels in there – which you can remind yourself of here, if it’s been a while since you saw them.

Will we get a new trailer soon? Do we even need another trailer at this point? And does anyone have any idea what the hell this next chapter will even be about? Catch you in the foyer on 22 December for answers (even if we’re all technically broadcasting in from goopy red eggs in a far-future where we’re harvested as batteries by machines).

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