Spider-Man: No Way Home Trailer Has Peter Parker Battling Green Goblin And More

Spider-Man: No Way Home - Goblin

by James White |
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It's been a bit of wait, but the day of the Spider-Man: No Way Home trailer has finally arrived. And this latest look at Tom Holland's Peter Parker and the trouble that he now faces is certainly super-sized. Take a look:

Though it almost feels like you have to have watched the previous trailer to follow this one (and, if we're honest, Marvel knows anyone who is watching it has), the new promo finds Peter confronting the aftermath of a botched spell to hide his identity from the world after J. Jonah Jameson (a returning JK Simmons) released that information and marked our friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man as the decidedly unfriendly Public Enemy Number One.

The result is more multiverse fun in the MCU – and a clutch of enemies from the Sam Raimi Spider-Man and Marc Webb Amazing Spider-Man eras. Alfred Molina's Doctor Octopus once again enjoys the most screen time, but we also see more from Willem Dafoe's Green Goblin, Jamie Foxx as Electro, plus Lizard and Sandman (though despite the IMDB listing them, it's not yet clear if Rhys Ifans or Thomas Haden Church squeezed into performance capture suits or are lending their vocals). That's five so far here, and given that Michael Keaton's Vulture is still out there (even if he is behind bars) it's fair bet we could be seeing a Sinister Six before the end of this movie. No sign yet of either previous Spidey, but that won't stop the speculation.

This a darker promo than the last, and the central concept presented here, with Peter disagreeing with Benedict Cumberbatch's Dr. Strange about how to deal with these "visitors" from other universes, certainly leans towards more sombre material than Jon Watts' previous Spider-outings. See also: the trailer threatening to go all Gwen Stacey on Zendaya's MJ.

Still, there's room for fun – Peter, MJ and Ned (Jacob Batalon) giggling at Doc Ock's full name and a good gag around the word "please" – and some big action stakes. Plus what's going on at the end there? It looks like something other than the villains who are all over the rest of the trailer.

Spider-Man: No Way Home lands on 15 December in the UK and 17 December in the States.

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