Maisie Williams Is As Much In The Dark About New Mutants As The Rest Of Us

The New Mutants

by James White |
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Asking actors what's happening with a project stuck in limbo rarely begets decent answers – for good reason, as unless they're involved as a producer, they rarely have input into scheduling, and are only let into the information loop as and when their studio overlords need them to know for promotional reasons. Still, if you have Maisie Williams at your disposal to talk about the frustration around the floating release of New Mutants, you might as well ask her, especially for the entertainment value in her response.

Which is what Rolling Stone did as part of a wider profile piece on Williams and Sophie Turner for the end of Game Of Thrones. Asked about New Mutants' release status, Williams did not hold back. "Who knows when the fuck that’s gonna come out,” she tells the magazines, also addressing the fact that the latest re-shoots for Josh Boone's X-Men-adjacent movie, designed to add in more scares, have yet to happen. And Williams is not alone, relating a recent conversation she had with Mutants co-star and Stranger Things actor Charlie Heaton: "What the fuck is going on with this movie?" He didn’t know either. Hopefully this interview will make everyone hurry up a little bit!" We can but hope, MW, we can but hope.

New Mutants, which marks the potential end of Fox's direct, non-Disney control of the actual X-Men properties (Deadpool's a special case) is still listed as up for cinema release in August, but with the film's changing nature and the chaos of the Mouse House purchasing Fox's Film and much of its TV business, it has vanished into a quagmire of uncertainty. Talk has been of the film eventually seeing the light of day on a streaming service such as Hulu (which Disney now also owns a controlling stake in). If it does manage to escape into the wider world, it sets up the possibility of a cross-over that Williams and Turner are well up for – the meeting of Mutants' Rahne Sinclair with X-Men's Jean Grey. "It would be ridiculously stupid if they didn’t do that," Williams says, but given that the whole of the mutant movie universe now awaits its future fate with big questions, we wouldn't count on it. Perhaps the pair (great friends in real life) can hit Instagram with an unofficial version of that scene... To read more from both Williams and Turner, head to Rolling Stone's site.

Game Of Thrones kicks off its final season on 14 April (read our briefing on it here. New Mutants will be out... at some point.


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