Lucas and Brody on Death In Love

Josh and Adam, not George and Adrian

Lucas and Brody on Death In Love

by Olly Richards |
Published on

Two actors whose movie careers should be better than they are, are to unite on an indie of indertiminate genre, based on its plot.

Josh Lucas, who's charming and exhibits A-list potential in everything he does, and Adam Brody, who really only plays variations on The OC's Seth, but plays them very well, will both star in Death In Love. The film follows a pair of brothers (Lucas and Lukas Haas), one of whom (Haas) has to look after their mother (Jacqueline Bisset); the other is lost in life until he makes friends with a scam artist (Brody). We're going to say this is either broody drama or very dark comedy. Since it's written and directed by Boaz Yakin (Remember The Titans and Uptown Girls) we're finding it tough to narrow it down further than that.

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