Logan’s James Mangold Directing Book Adaptation Crenshaw

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How do you follow a film like Logan? James Mangold has a number of movie ideas already jostling for space on his schedule, but he's adding another with a potential adaptation of Katherine Applegate's children's book Crenshaw.

Applegate's book is the story of Jackson, a young boy whose family has fallen on hard times. He's helped when his imaginary friend, the eponymous giant cat, comes back into his life to offer help. The film – when it eventually happens – would be live-action, though naturally Crenshaw himself will be brought to life through some effects work.

This is not the only Applegate book making its way to the screen, as Angelina Jolie is producing and voicing an adaptation of The One And Only Ivan for Disney. It's likely that that film might beat Crenshaw to the screen, because as we mentioned above, Mangold is considering various ideas and appears to be targeting an adaptation of Don Winslow's The Force as his next project. He's also attached to write and direct a Logan spin-off focusing on X-23.

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