Latest Priest Trailer Online

Vampires. Paul Bettany. The usual...

Latest Priest Trailer Online

by James White |
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If you’ve watched the previous Priest trailers and thought to yourself, ‘these are all very well, with their blend of the film’s mythology and shots of Paul Bettany kicking vampire arse, but what I really want is all-Bettany all the time!’ your prayers have been answered in the form of another promo, which can be watched below.

Yes, this time around, the Priest team have opted to basically just put in lots of shots of Bettany bashing the vamps that his church elders keep trying to exist aren’t around in significant numbers any more.

If you haven’t yet learned the background to Priest, which is very loosely adapted from Min-Woo-Hyung’s graphic novel series, the plot finds Bettany as veteran warrior cleric whose niece is kidnapped by the resurgent creatures and their human ally (Karl Urban). He’ll have to ride out into the desert frontier to rescue her and confront his nemesis, dragging along small-town sheriff Cam Gigandet for company. Oh, and when his masters learn of his one-man mission, they send a group of fellow former priests out to stop him. You can figure out the rest from there.

There’s not much in the way of new footage here, but if you just enjoy Bettany being a badass, go nuts.

Priest will be out on May 6.

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