Latest Poster For Ash Vs. Evil Dead

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Latest Poster For Ash Vs. Evil Dead

by James White |
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Though we’re still waiting to find out whether a UK broadcaster will pick the show up, US cable channel Starz is ploughing ahead with the promotional campaign for Ash Vs. Evil Dead, which hits US airwaves just in time for Halloween. The latest poster can be found lurking below.


The series finds Bruce Campbell’s titular, chin-tastic hero suspected as the source of a new Deadite invasion. It’s just another weight of this fantastical world loaded onto our man, who has spent 30 years avoiding both the horror of the Evil Dead and any sort of real responsibility. But he’s spurred into action by a fresh plague of Deadite swarms, which threaten all mankind, and finds both friends and foes among the human population.

Campbell talked to Empire at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con about the return of the series and his hopes that fans, long clamouring for original flavour Deadite encounters would be happy with the mad violence and unrestricted tone of the show. “We made the remake a couple of years ago, trying to satiate fans, it didn't quite do it,” he explains. “They were, like, 'thanks, but where's Sam, where's Bruce?' They're not idiots, they like what they like.” So what can he say to the faithful? “I want to tell the fans, ‘okay? Now shut the hell up!’

With Dana DeLorenzo, Lucy Lawless, Ray Santiago and Jill Marie Jones all aboard the series, Raimi wrote the first episode Ivan and will direct that initial outing. He’s also producing alongside Campbell and Rob Tapert, while Craig DiGregorio is running the show, which kicks off on October 31 in the States.

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