The Latest Losers Poster Hits The Net

Cool people firing guns - epic win!

The Latest Losers Poster Hits The Net

by Ali Plumb |
Published on

The Losers… that’s ironic, right? You’re damn right it’s ironic (cocks imaginary gun, squints a look down its imaginary barrel, fires imaginary bullet).

So yes, this is the latest poster for the Idris Elba / Zoe Saldana / Chris Evans / Jeffery Dean Morgan gun-a-thon, set to put The A-Team through its paces once it’s released April 9.

Stringer Bell, sorry, Idris Elba (sorry, it’s a nasty habit) looks like, proper scary like, what with his big knife and all, Zoe looks ace and Jeffrey looks like he’d fire lead into you as soon as look at you – shame the future Captain America is stuck on the left-hand side, but hey ho, whatchagonnado?

![New Losers Poster]

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As you might have noticed, there’s a comic book theme here, which is appropriate considering its graphic novel origins – in fact, the previous poster (which you can check out below, in case you missed it) it a direct homage to the Comic-Con artwork.

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