Latest Cowboys & Alien Promo Invades

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Latest Cowboys & Alien Promo Invades

by James White |
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Much like Super 8, we won’t get to see Jon Favreau’s Western/sci-fi mash-up Cowboys and Aliens until this August, but the lucky blighters in America-land get it on July 29th. So Favs and co are going all out with the promotion, including a new extended TV spot that aired during the recent Spike Guy’s Choice Awards. You can watch it below.

This latest promo is really just a few extra scenes of goodness inserted into footage that we’ve seen before – establishing a little of the story before letting the set pieces do the heavy lifting. And there’s certainly plenty of effects-heavy eye-candy on display here, plus Daniel Craig being a badass and Harrison Ford being a grumpy sod. Oh, and Sam Rockwell gets a line or two at last!

Cowboys and Aliens, of course, sees Jake Lonergan (Craig) awaken in the middle of the Western frontier with little memory of how he got there. Stumbling into the desert town of Absolution, he discovers he’s something of a wanted man, not least by the iron-fisted Colonel Dolarhyde (Ford). But soon the issues between the men have to be put aside as marauding aliens show up to kidnap humans and blow up buildings. Fight! Fight! Fight!

The film invades UK screens on August 19.

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