Kwapis On He’s Just Not That Into You

Directing slow news day...sorry, rom-com

by empire |
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News today is slower than old people having sex in zero gravity, so we're going to do our absolute best to spiff this one into you. We'll be helped a little by the fact that we get to use the words Kwapis and pants (tee hee).

Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants director Ken Kwapis (damn, kinda blew everything we had right there) has signed to direct He's Just Not That Into You. The bestselling book, written by two former Sex and the City writers, on which the film will be based tells women how if a man shows no interest in them and generally makes no effort to get inside their flimsies, He's Just Not That Into You. Whew, deep.

The film will be produced by Drew Barrymore's Flower Films. Even with Pants and Kwapis, this still really wasn't that gripping, was it?

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