Keeping Up With The Joneses

New artwork for the Duchovny comedy

Keeping Up With The Joneses

by Ali Plumb |
Published on

David Duchovny. Demi Moore. Amber Heard. And, um, Ben Hollingsworth, who sounds like a nice guy. Nice to meet you, Ben.

With such pretty people, all on one poster, it’s almost suspicious. Like, you know, fake. Which is appropriate, considering it’s the latest piece of artwork for The Joneses, the story of a perfect family who move into a gated community, somewhere in the middle of America.

The twist being, you see, that they’re not a real family – but just actors put together to look like the perfect family, and everything they have, use and own is… for sale. It’s like real life shopping channel, except, um, it’s not.

We’re Duchovny fans (and then some) so it’s worth a second look, and besides Demi Moore and Amber Heard are purty. Well, it’s true.

The Joneses is out on April 23.

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