Kate Bosworth is Veronika

And Veronika's decided to die

Kate Bosworth is Veronika

by Olly Richards |
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Things have been a tad quiet on the Kate Bosworth front, since Superman Returns. She's filmed 21, a gambling drama that reunites her with Kevin Spacey, but that's not out until spring next year. And After.Life, a bizarrely punctutated spooker in which she plays a kind of semi-dead woman, is still yet to shoot. But she's now adding another film to her slate, so maybe we'll get a wave of Bosworth next year.

In Veronika Decides To Die, based on Paul Coelho's novel, Bosworth will play a woman who comes to in a mental hospital after trying to kill herself. She then discovers that her heart has weakened and she has only days to live, which, given her reason for being in the nut house in the first place, might be considered good news.

But – and there had to be a but – she discovers romance in the hospital and along with it a new zest for life. We've not read the book, but if this new found zest for life does lead to some kind of zesty recovery, then this is going to be a real bummer. Also, finding love in a mental hospital: good idea? Really?

Veronika Decides To Die is being written by Larry Gross (We Don't Live Here Anymore) and Roberta Hanley (Woundings).

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