Justice League Movie Casting?

Is the super hero movie ready to go?

Justice League Movie Casting?

by Olly Richards |
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There's been much talk recently of the impending likelihood of a movie based on The Justice League, the DC comic series that teamed such superhero stalwarts as Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and, er, Martian Manhunter. Some say it's definitely going to be filming next year, so as to avoid the possible strike that could shut down movie production. Some say it will be an all CG effort. Most say George Miller (Happy Feet) will direct. Everybody says it won't include Christian Bale as Batman or Brandon Routh as Superman. All this is rumour, and we can't even 100% verify the facts of the following news snippet, but it's a really slow day because the 'mereceens are on holiday. So take this with a small pinch of salt.

According to Obsessed With Film, a website we'd not previously heard of, casting directors have been hired in New York, Toronto and Vancouver, which seems to be confirmed in the listings of industry website Showfax. No details of exactly which characters are being cast are given, but the (possible) film is said to include Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Green Lantern and Aquaman.

Warner Bros hasn't announced the movie, so until official word comes, consider this a possible movie. And not asking Bale or Routh to be involved seems to risk upsetting the directors and leads of one very big franchise looking to cement its new take on a character and of another with the potential for hugeness, if it just gets a bit more action in. If this happens, would it be the greatest superhero movie ever or an over-egged betighted pudding? And who would you cast?

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