Jurassic Park Is Back On The Big Screen

And we have an exclusive trailer...

Jurassic Park Is Back On The Big Screen

by James White |
Published on

Have you noticed trembling ripples in water glasses sitting nearby? Is that giant electric fence you installed suddenly and mysteriously not working? Have any local goats gone missing, only to turn up as bloodied remains? Can you see Jeff Goldblum anywhere nearby? If the answer to any of those questions is yes, then we have an explanation. Jurassic Park – yes, the original 1993 chunk of dino-goodness – is headed back into UK cinemas on September 23. And we have an exclusive trailer for you, which you can watch below.

Re-released in a sparkling new digital print, you’ll get your chance to experience all those iconic moments - the first glimpse of the gigantic wildlife, the traumatic nighttime T-Rex attack, that amazing shot of Gallimimus on the run from the hungry beast - on the big screen with full, roaring stereo.

Life finds a way again on September 23. And if you’ve been itching to get the whole trilogy in shiny Blu-Ray format, you won’t have to wait too much longer for that either, as the films will hit shelves on October 24.

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