Julia Stiles In The Bell Jar

Semi-biopic of Sylvia Plath

Julia Stiles In The Bell Jar

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Anyone who studied A-level English will be well acquainted with the works of Sylvia Plath and will be greatly looking forward to the knockabout sex comedy that The Bell Jar is certain to be.

Julia Stiles will play Esther Greenwood in an adaptation of Plath's novel, which is widely seen as a thinly veiled autobiography of the gloomy poet. The book sees Greenwood, a young reporter, seek to make a name for herself in New York but drops into a pit of depression and move home to Boston. There she slips ever further into her own despair and makes a number of attempts on her own life.

But then, when you least expect it, she enrolls in clown college, finds fame with her skill on a mini unicycle and true love with her gruff bu nurturing teacher, Honkers. And they all live happily ever after. None of this last paragraph is true, but we couldn't end a news story with suicide.

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