Joss Whedon writing WWII movie, wants to make a Star Wars movie

Joss Whedon

by John Nugent |
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Joss Whedon has kept pretty quiet since directing Avengers: Age Of Ultron last year, an experience that he admitted “broke me a little bit.” But now he’s back, returning to his long-dormant Twitter account, launching the celeb-packed political campaign Save The Day, and talking up future projects.

In an interview with Complex, the nerd hero revealed he was in the middle of a screenplay that was “a departure from the things I’m known for” and “as dark as anything I’ve ever written”.

“It’s a historical fiction slash horror movie,” Whedon explained, “about a time when the world was going insane, World War II.”

Tantalisingly, the filmmaker also sounded open to the idea of directing a Star Wars movie – especially a standalone spin-off like Rogue One. “I saw the trailer for Rogue a while ago and I was like, "I want to do that." To make a Star Wars movie and not be wed to the bigger picture.”

The Buffy and Firefly creator also sounded keen to return to television: “I feel like they’ve perfected it,” he said. “I’m like, "Wait guys wait, wait for me!" I really want to make this film, but I miss television. It’s like writing a novel – you get to keep digging into these characters, it’s a real drug.”

Most intriguingly of all, he is also revealed to be an unlikely Great British Bake Off fan.

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