The Jokerised Dark Knight Trailer

Someone's been messing with the print

by Olly Richards |
Published on

Now, if you weren't one of those who saw the Dark Knight trailer in a cinema following Monday's treasure hunt, then we'd suggest you don't watch the following video just yet. But if you have seen it, then you might enjoy this.

As you may know, one person at each of Monday's trailer screenings was given a copy of the trailer on a film reel (read more about that here). Initially this was thought to be just a regular version of the promo, but it turns out that these had all been vandalised by 'The Joker'. One winner has recorded what's on the reel, which you can see below. The result is a rather creepy replaying of the trailer with random pop-up words and defaced, erm, faces. See for yourself.

We don't think this is a breach of Warner Bros copyright (we have a policy of not running leaked trailers), since the reel was given to winners with the expression instruction to show it to all their friends. We guess we'll find out if we hear from their lawyers.

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