Jennifer Lopez Has Trouble In The Boy Next Door Trailer

It's an affair to regret

Jennifer Lopez Has Trouble In The Boy Next Door Trailer

by James White |
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Ill-judged love affairs rarely come good in the movies. That's particularly true when one party decides to break it off and seems to regret that it ever happened. That’s the situation that Jennifer Lopez faces in the first trailer for new thriller The Boy Next Doo****r.

Lopez stars as a teacher whose husband has been cheating on her, and who has already walked out on the family at least once. When she’s at her most vulnerable, she meets the hunky Noah (Ryan Guzman), who has moved in with his uncle next door. One thing quickly leads to another and the pair are soon falling into bed. And the couch. And a doorway. There’s a lot of falling without much clothing, is what we’re saying.

But Lopez’ character starts to worry that this is not what she should be doing, and decides to break up with Noah. Which is when (and you know what’s coming next, right?) he starts stalking her, further ingratiating himself with her family and hacking her ‘net access so he can be assigned to her class. Yes, he pretty much slaps on Calvin Klein’s Obsession without even trying on any other aftershaves first.

**Fast & Furious **man Rob Cohen directs this one, working from Barbara Curry’s script and under the aegis of Blumhouse Productions’ low budget output factory. John Corbett, Kristin Chenoweth, Travis Schuldt, Ian Nelson, Hill Harper and Bailey Chase are all part of the cast for The Boy Next Door, which arrives in UK cinemas on March 13 next year, following a January 23 debut Stateside.

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