Jennifer Lopez And Owen Wilson Get Married At First Sight In The Marry Me Trailer

Marry Me

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Sometimes, a film comes along with a plot so dumb, it might just be genius. Marry Me looks to be one of those films. No, it’s not a film about Arrested Development’s Maeby Fünke and her time as a Hollywood hot-shot producer – this one’s a J-Lo / Owen Wilson romcom with less of a ‘meet-cute’ than a ‘meet-what?!’, a premise so absurd that it should cement an instant place on your must-watch list. In fact, it’s so wild that it needed a jumbo-sized three-and-a-half-minute trailer just to get that mad idea across. It simply cannot be contained in a regular two-minuter. Ready for it? Here we go…

The film sees music superstar (and should-be-Oscar-winner) Jennifer Lopez play music superstar Kat Valdez, who plans to marry music superstar Bastian (played by music superstar Maluma) on stage at a live concert, in support of their joint single ‘Marry Me’. Except, just before she goes on stage, Kat discovers Bastian has been cheating on her – and so, in her heightened emotional state, and ready to take a chance on literally anything, she marries a random guy from the crowd (Owen Wilson’s Charlie) instead. If you don’t believe us, see it for yourself in the trailer here:

If Marry Me sounds like a fake movie cooked up by a jealous Jenna Maroney on 30 Rock, it’s worth noting that this one is co-written by 30 Rock’s Tami Sagher (alongside Harper Dill and John Rogers). Described as “a modern love story about celebrity, marriage, and social media”, we should also mention that this one’s a quasi-musical – insomuch as Lopez and Maluma have penned a set of original songs for the film. Also starring are Sarah Silverman and Game Of Thrones’ John Bradley – the latter of whom is set for a stupidly fun cinematic 2022, between this and Moonfall. The film is directed by Kat Coiro – previously of It’s Always Sunny, and also on next year’sShe-Hulkseries.

So there you have it – whatever your Valentine’s Day plans are, make sure Marry Me is part of it (several bottles of wine: optional). And if watching 40-plus hours of Married At First Sight Australia has taught us anything, it’s that this wild premise could lead to some genuine can’t-look-away screen action. Cheers to that.

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