Jack Black Joins Tropic Thunder

On board the Ben Stiller comedy

Jack Black Joins Tropic Thunder

by Willow Green |
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Scientists have proven that if you put Jack Black in a movie it has a 72.3% chance of being really really funny. Those same scientists say that if you add Ben Stiller you increase your chances by 18.9% and if you throw in a dash of Robert Downey Jr you have a good chance of creating something that cures cancer and tames wild wolves*.

So science is crazy excited about Tropic Thunder, a film about a group of actors who are forced to act like real soldiers when the war film they're shooting in the jungle goes a little bit Apocalypse Now. Black has just signed on to play a stand-up comedian named Jeff "Fats" Portnoy, who has to kick a drug addiction while filming in the jungle. Downey Jr is already on board as the greatest actor of his generation. The script is written by Stiller, Justin Theroux (Mulholland Drive) and Ethan Cohen. So get right in line behind science. He brought text books!

*We don't have any actual evidence for this; we're not teachers or chemists or that title character from Dexter's Lab. We think his name was Spanky.

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