Iron Man 2 In 2010

Studio already preparing for a sequel

Iron Man 2 In 2010

by Olly Richards |
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Now, this all depends on Iron Man being a success at the box office, but a sequel could be coming in 2010. Since we can see absolutely no reason why this very enjoyable movie would fail to make a hefty profit, we should all start marking some space in our diaries for two years from now.

Brad Grey, Big Chief Superman of Paramount, told US showbiz series Entertainment Tonight that if all goes as hoped with the first movie, that a second will come out in the same week in 2010.

The news of a sequel is extremely welcome. Iron Man is a great build to what should be an amazing sequel, with a well-drawn cast of characters established and potential for some massive action. Our only ask is that they make sure to have a good story in place. It would be an enormous shame to have done such great ground work on the opening of the franchise to then slip-up on the second by rushing it into production. But we have faith in everyone involved in Iron Man, since they all seem to have genuine love for and belief in Ol' Metal Head.

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