Indy IV Picture Thief Off To Jail

In your face, bad man!

Indy IV Picture Thief Off To Jail

by Olly Richards |
Published on

Roderick Davis, the man who stole over 2,000 stills from Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull has pleaded guilty to charges of receiving stolen property and commercial burglary. Davis, 37, will serve two years and four months in jail as part of his plea deal. Without the plea deal, Davis would have spent at least four years behind bars.

Davis was arrested on Oct. 4 with the help of internet film sites who informed police that they were being offered the chance to buy the illegally obtained photos. Police then posed as potential buyers and set up a meeting with Davis. When he arrived trying to flog the pictures, they only went and bleedin' nicked him.

Though Empire had no actual part in the apprehending of this criminal, we like to think that our very existence as part of the internet really helped. Some would say this man would still be at large if it wasn't for us. Some say we're heroes – maybe the greatest of heroes. But we don't need your thanks, just your respect, cash and maybe that nice watch you're wearing there.

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