Horrible Bosses Get A Pair Of Writers

Goldstein and Daley for New Line comedy

Horrible Bosses Get A Pair Of Writers

by Phil de Semlyen |
Published on

New Line have signed up screenwriters Jonathan Goldstein and John Francis Daley* to rework the script of absurdist comedy Horrible Bosses.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Horrible Bosses sees three friends who gang up and conspire to kill their abusive managers, presumably in a Swimming With Sharks scenario. So we're assuming that's absurdist-black, rather than absurdist-Airplane!.

This isn't the first time New Line have called on Goldstein and Daley's troubleshooting talents. Last year they were hired to rework comedy Burt Wonderstone, which also has a death-in-the-workplace theme, focusing on a Vegas magician who accidentally kills his partner (by sawing him in half?). The pair also scripted The $40,000 Man, which is also in development at the studio.

You may know actor-turned-writer Daley better as Freaks And Geeks' Sam Weir.

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