Hop Teaser Is Here

Blur + Bunny = hilarity?

Hop Teaser Is Here

by James White |
Published on

It would seem that the producers of Easter Bunny comedy Hop are laughing in the face of America slowly shutting down for Thanksgiving (in case you were wondering, it sounds exactly like the Millennium Falcon whining after it can't make lightspeed) by boldly releasing not just the teaser poster – that arrived Monday – but now an actual teaser, which you can watch below.

Don’t go expecting to see any actual footage from the movie with which to take a view about the final product, however: this one is strictly along the lines of “funny character from the film does something to try to make you laugh.” In this case, it’s the Bunny himself (voiced, though not for this dialogue-free promo) by Russell Brand, who sits down at the drums and starts bashing out the percussion line for Blur’s Song 2.

And it has zero light to shed on the plot, which will ultimately find James Marsden as a slacker who hits the rabbit with his car, injuring our hero and finding himself faced with taking him in and having to do his Easterly duties in his place. The odd couple naturally squabbles and the music-loving creature messes with Fred’s love life, but we’re going to assume they work it all out in the end.

Hop will be released on April 1.

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