Hoffman And Thompson Sieze Last Chance

At London gala premiere of new rom-com

Hoffman And Thompson Sieze Last Chance

by Emily Phillips |
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Reuniting on screen after their first meeting in Stranger Than Fiction, Dustin Hoffman and Emma Thompson play a pair who feel they have run out of luck with love who find what might be that one final opportunity in Last Chance Harvey.

Watch video from the Last Chance Harvey premiere.

Thompson is now working on the follow up to her Oscar-winning Nanny McPhee, called Nanny McPhee And The Big Bang. But don't make the mistake of branding it a family film: "I don't call them kids' films darling, Nanny McPhee is an adult film. I make films for people, I don't make them for children, that would be daft. In our film you've got Maggie Smith, Ralph Fiennes, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Rhys Ifans, Bill Bailey - I can't think of a cast who would draw me into the cinema more, so that's the most important thing on my list at the moment."

Hoffman, who at 71 is still going strong, told us he has absolutely no plans to retire with two sequels in the pipeline : "We are supposed to do a sequel of that [Meet The Fockers follow up Little Fockers] and also of Kung Poo Fanda... wait, Kung Fu Panda."

He also told us about getting to play grandfather to his own son in his next movie Barney's Version: "I am going to play Paul Giamatti's father in a film that we do in September and my son gets to play his son. It'll be the first time I get to be in a film with one of my sons so that's exciting."

And because Hoffman and Thompson work so well together ("We didn't fake one orgasm!" - he told us) this is not likely to be the last time we see the pair on screen together. When asked if he fancied appearing in the next Nanny McPhee, Hoffman told us with a nod: "Tell her!"

And the thing that keeps Hoffman in full working order? "I play tennis, I jog... and I fondle myself on occasion - that burns calories!"

You heard it here first people.

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