Hitcher and Hogs Trailers Online

But which is the scarier?

by Willow Green |
Published on

Why, William H. Macy, why? Why would you be in Wild Hogs? The trailer for this over the hill bikers movie, starring John Travolta, Tim Allen and Martin Lawrence (you should have known when you read that far down the cast list) has just gone online and it's not good. See for yourself here. Or rather don't. The only thing preventing it from being a totally wasted 150 seconds is a last minute appearance by John 'Dr Cox' McGinley.

Also online is the new teaser for The Hitcher. Transplanting Sean Bean for Rutger Hauer in the role of worst passenger ever, the new version seems to have a lot more crash, bang and a smattering more wallop than its forebear. Watch it here.

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