Your Highness Trailer Saddles up

Franco + McBride + Portman= comedy gold

Your Highness Trailer Saddles up

by James White |
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Conan. Krull. The Beastmaster. The Dark Crystal. None of these films featured James Franco being dashing (and silly), Danny McBride as a masturbation-loving doofus, Natalie Portman as a metal thong-wearing warrior woman or Justin Theroux as a wicked, sexually inexperienced sorcerer. Which means they are automatically lesser films than Your Highness, which has just put out a hilarious, filthy new trailer.

A word to those of delicate sensibilities: wuss! Sorry, we mean… If you or those around you are likely to be offended by smutty jokes, ladies in their underoos or weed-smoking puppets, you might want to A) write a strongly worded letter of complaint to the producers of the film or B) wait until you’re safely alone and can enjoy this in all its glory.

Proposed as a full-on fantasy adventure (not a spoof of the films mentioned above, just one in the same genre that happens to feature lots of loopiness), it’s the twisted brainchild of McBride, Ben Best and director David Gordon Green. Fabious (Franco) and Thadeous (McBride) are two brothers in a medieval land, one brave and noble, one… not (you can guess which is which). They’re tasked with rescuing the beautiful Belladonna (Zooey Deschanel) when she’s kidnapped by the evil Leezar (Theroux), who plans all manner of disgraceful things for her. And they’ll get some help from the lovely, powerful Isabel (Portman).

Between the accents (everyone was clearly doing their best at Fantasy Movie Classic English), the variety of gags and the general helping of well-placed swear words (“Magic.” Pause. “Motherf****r!”), it looks absolutely nuts, but in an inspired way. We're getting a serious Anchorman-level quoteability vibe off of the movie and want to see it now, please.

Take a look below (reminder: NSFW) and let us know your thoughts.

Your Highness quests into cinemas on June 24 next year. Which can’t come quick enough...

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