Halloween Kills: The Survivors Of Michael Myers Are Ready To Fight In The Final Trailer

Halloween Kills

by James White |
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Though the studio wants to promote this latest look at David Gordon Green's Halloween Kills as the "final" trailer, you just know that, like stalking killer Michael Myers himself, the promotion for a film rarely dies until the movie is out. Still, take a look...

Following on from 2018's Halloween (which brought back Jamie Lee Curtis' haunted, toughened Laurie Strode to once again do battle with her old nemesis), the new film's tone sees the town of Haddonfield reacting to the news that Michael has once again survived all attempts to off him.

Now, as he cuts (and smashes, stabs, bludgeons) a path through the town to his old family home, Laurie, her own family and some fellow survivors of Myers' mayhem are ready to decisively tackle the threat once and for all. How will it go for them? Well, not for nothing, but Halloween Ends is still a little over a year away, so hopes aren't high.

Returning characters from earlier in the franchise (beyond Laurie) include Lonnie Elam (played here by Robert Longstreet), Tommy Doyle (Anthony Michael Hall takes over the role), Kyle Richards' Lindsey Wallace and Nancy Stephens' Marion Chambers.

Halloween Kills will slash its way into UK cinemas on 15 October.

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