Gary Busey Swims To Piranha 3DD

Fish food order up!

Gary Busey Swims To Piranha 3DD

by James White |
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Ever since the sequel was announced, the producers of Piranha 3DD have been promising that they’ll look to up the madness ante from last year’s original. Well, it appears they’ll well and truly succeed by introducing a crazed, mad-eyed brute from the Palaeolithic era into our water system. No, not some relic you’d find hanging in the Natural History Museum: Gary Busey!

Yes, in a move that will delight all devoted followers of the Church of Busey (including our own Nick DeSemlyen), the man and his legend, last seen in quality cinematic production Succubus: Hell Bent, will be scaring the humans (and probably the fish) in the film, which just kicked off shooting. Rumours that Busey would step into a motion capture studio to provide the piranha performance as well are, sadly, untrue. But let’s start them anyway, eh?

John Gulager is calling the shots this time around, with Danielle Panabaker, Matt Bush, Chris Zylka, David Koechner, Meagan Tandy and Adrian Martinez all playing likely non-crazed humans.

The movie itself bites cinemas on November 25. Which is enough time left for you to make your own puppet Gary Busey to act out the gurn-filled scenes of shouting along with the action!

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